Tim Blank


Growing up in a rural farming community of western North Dakota, Tim Blank gained a great appreciation for agriculture and the land we all steward. Having a passion for both farming and science, Tim pursued a degree in Horticulture Science and Greenhouse Management at Valencia College.

After graduating in 1992, Tim began his career at The Walt Disney Company’s The Land Hydroponics Greenhouses at EPCOT Center. He spent his early years there conducting cutting-edge research with scientists from NASA, USDA, DOE, and Disney. And in 2000, Tim was promoted to Chief Horticulturist and Greenhouse Manager of The Land. In this role, he managed four hydroponic biomes over a two‐acre area consisting of tropical, temperate, commercial production, and aeroponic greenhouses.

In 2005, Tim left the Walt Disney Company to start Future Growing — a company that quickly became a leader in building vertical aeroponic food farms for LEED green buildings, rooftops, urban farms, and commercial greenhouses. And it was at Future Growing that Tim developed the Tower Garden® residential and commercial growing systems.

The Juice Plus+ Company acquired Future Growing in 2016 with a vision to spread Tower Garden technology all over the world. Tim now serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Juice Plus+ for the Tower Garden division. He spends the majority of his time speaking publicly about the future of farming and developing the next generation of products at the Tower Garden lab.